Thursday, October 15, 2009

ColdFusion Builder installation frustration

Ok, so on October 5th I downloaded and installed the Beta 2 plugin of ColdFusion Builder so I wouldn't have to deal with the timeout when it hit.

Well, it hit anyway. Even though I had upgraded, it still threw the timeout message. Thinking that maybe I had done something wrong during the installation, I followed the uninstall instructions and installed it again.

Now, there is no ColdFusion perspective at all. Grrr.... Very frustrating Adobe. I REALLY don't want to start with a fresh eclipse install. It takes forever to set up all those plugins.


  1. I just spent my morning reinstalling Eclipse, CFBuilder, and a few plugins.

    I was using the standalone before. What were you using?

  2. You are not alone. I spent a couple of hours trying to get get CF Builder updated before I finally hosed Eclipse and had to start with a fresh installation. (I run Flex Builder 4 Beta 2 in the same Eclipse installation.)

  3. I wound up doing the same thing and I was also running Flex Builder. Maybe that has something to do with the installer problems.

  4. Me too spent yesterday installing and setting up cfeclipse.

    BOOO adobe, boo.

  5. The issue is with doing an install *without* doing the un-install first.

    The .bat file for un-install gets updated with beta2 scripts.

    So, for this to really work you needs to first execute the beta1 version of uninstall_cfbuilder.bat.

  6. I did the uninstall process first and it still failed. Maybe the installer should check to see what needs to be done before trashing your eclipse build?