Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Does the Services Browser work in Ganymede?

I've written before that bits of the ColdFusion Extensions for Eclipse seem to be a bit bugged in Ganymede. I've found that the issues I ran into generally had some sort of workaround to get the thing to work if not as good as in Europa.

This one has me stumped though. If you open the services browser and expand your list of components, I can never drill into the tree below the component name. I get the "Contacting server..." message forever. This is very similar to the issue with trying to browse the file system with rds, but with that one you can refresh and keep going. It's a pain, but it keeps working.

With this one, though, there is no way to refresh just one component. If you refresh the entire tree, it collapses the component again and when you open it back up, it's back to "Contacting server...".

Anybody have a way to get this to work?

Never mind.  I found the workaround about 2 minutes after I posted this.  Here it is:

Highlight the component.  Toggle the show dots at the top of the panel off and on until what you want to see shows up.

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