Monday, February 02, 2009

Dreamweaver CS4 & Subversion = suckage

Somebody should really be fired for the implementation of Subversion in DWCS4. Besides releasing old versions of the subversion client library that totally hamstring you from installing other svn clients on your machine, it's completely unstable.

First things first, if you had been using TortoiseSVN prior to the release of CS4, you'll be happy to hear that you will have to completely uninstall it and delete all of your working directories. Then you will need to go to the TSVN site and dig around in the archives to pull down an older copy that works with svn 1.4. Fun.

Next, if you've been using subclipse in eclipse to get svn access, you will most likely want to completely uninstall that as well. Subclipse doesn't really give you an option to choose which version of the svn client you want to run, so you are going to have to hunt down an old copy and make sure you don't update it or you will break your CS4 install. I took this opportunity to switch to subversive once again and I might just stick with that one for a while. It actually has an option to choose which version of the svn client to use. Handy.

Now that you have everything set up the way you need to make svn work with your workstation, you get to check out all of your projects again since they most likely were running version 1.5.

Oh, and once it's working in DW, it occasionally just loses it's mind and can no longer connect reliably to the repository. For example, I can now check out a new project in DW, but the DW site never recognizes that the files exist in the repository. Blue plusses as far as the eye can see and DW takes a solid 5 minutes to refresh the list of files or startup.

The rotten thing is that I had this working fine for a few weeks and now something has changed and it has gotten out of whack again. So now, when I edit a file and try to save it, I get an error message indicating that the Server and project are not accessible! (REPORT request failed on 'blah, blah, blah'. Report of 'blah, blah, blah': Could not read status line: connection was closed by server (blah,blah). Funny thing is, I checked the file out with Dreamweaver.

WHEN ARE WE GOING TO GET A PATCH?! Stuff like this really makes DW a hard sell into my team.


  1. Hahahaha, Adobe...

  2. a guy i know who was having troubles with svnant/subclipse was hoping that adobe would put their own svn provider in bolt. I asked why he thought they could do a better job than the subclipse dudes, who know this stuff inside and out. he said something like "because dreamweaver has it and it'll be good."

    for its warts, this is why I couldn't imagine using a completely proprietary IDE that didn't provide for plugins like subclipse. what you're describing is exactly why i use eclipse!

    did you get forced to switch to cs4 at work?

  3. Mike - thanks for posting this. I've been curious how well this works as there are some folks on our web team who don't really want to switch to Eclipse.

  4. @Marc - Thankfully, I did NOT get forced to change to Dreamweaver from eclipse at work. We shelled out a ton of cash for a bunch of cs4 licenses, so I was going to put DW through it's paces to help our designers come further into the development workflow. I also really like some of the css handling in DW when it comes to doing positioning.

    I was really looking forward to this feature in DW. I guess I'm just really frustrated that I had to sacrifice so much in order to get it to play nice with other applications and then it still goes nuts. Watch, it'll probably turn out to be something silly like "Oh, you can't have a backslash at the end of your svn path. You have to use a forward slash".

    Just getting the designers to stop working on the live website with ftp is challenging enough without problems like this.

    On a positive note, I actually like subversive better then subclipse. It feels very solid, and when it finally breaks its ties to the commercial company that built it and it gets absorbed by the eclipse project, I'll feel a lot more comfortable.

  5. Try Subweaver for a different kind of dreamweaver/svn integration.

  6. @Matthew - I've tried subweaver with cs3 in the past, and it works fine. It just doesn't give me the experience that I'm looking for with integrated version control.

  7. Hm. I'm having no trouble at all using DWCS4 with v1.5.1.

  8. It doesn't have a problem with the server. It has a problem if you have any other current client on your workstation. Try installing TortoiseSVN or Synchro SVN and DW will stop working (well don't ACTUALLY try those if yours is working).

    Adobe simply needs to issue a patch to update the svn libraries to 1.5 and everything will be fine.

  9. I thought I was the only that got burned. If only I'd spotted your post earlier. I had to rant too. Adobe should be ashamed of themselves -

  10. Dreamweaver's SVN is a DW extension installed by default. That said, try complaining directly to the author to update the code. I just did, and cited your blog post. I suggest everyone here reading this do the same. Let your voices be heard. Perhaps it will get fixed.

  11. At this point, this is a non-issue for me. My team has resorted to using TortoiseSVN as it's svn client if you are using DW and not using the integrated feature at all. The rest of us are using Subclipse if we're using an eclipse build including CFBuilder.

  12. @RFPMatt The Subweaver extension is completely unrelated and separate from CS4's built in SVN functionality. Subweaver works just fine with SVN 1.5.