Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Ok, here's a wish for the next ColdFusion feature set.  This is something that happens every so often and is a HUGE pain in the ass.  Yes, you guessed it, certificate management for ColdFusion on the server.

It would be a HUGE bonus to have a nice little gui in the administrator that lets you manage all those certificates that you need to work with when using something like cfhttp.


  1. How about:

  2. Well, there ya go. That's looks like a pretty good solution. Maybe Adobe should contact the owner and put it in the real administrator.

    I have an aversion to doing any sort of customization to the administrator only because I fear what happens during upgrades, although it looks like adobe intended this area to be extensible.

  3. I've written a few extensions myself. In general they seem safe during updates. I wouldn't assume so for like cf7 to 8, but minor updates, sure.

  4. I'm the author of Certman, and I did it just to avoid going to the command-line when contacting exchange servers with the new CFExchange functionality (self-signed-cert hell). Good to see it's not just me who gets fed-up with it. I think it still works, uses some Java keystore management and, yes, Adobe do allow you to extend the admin interface, but it doesn't work too well with multiple admin logins (you cannot set permissions to see custom functions to anybody not admin in a multi-login administrator setup).

    If Adobe wants it they can have it, after I'm assured of getting a credit!