Tuesday, May 13, 2008

No more Republicans

Since there are no more Republicans in the race for President now, is there a chance that a third party or independent candidate can make a decent showing this time? Former Congressman Bob Barr has thrown his hat into the ring. It's unfortunate that he couldn't run as a Republican, but the Republican party appears to be more concerned with big business and protecting it's own skin than with personal freedom and liberty.

And since the former Congressman is supporting the Fair Tax, I'll be taking a serious look at him.

Bob Barr 2008


  1. Yay! I couldn't vote Libertarian last election thanks to that nut job tax dodger Badnarik. Glad they nominated someone I can get behind :)

  2. I won't vote for him, but I'm glad to see more competition for votes. Its like the Nader candidacy (whom I voted for) - people saying he's a spoiler. The guy competes for votes. Why are we afraid of democracy? Why is a 2 party system good?

    Good luck to him, only time will tell if he has the conviction to follow his campaign through to completion.