Monday, March 17, 2008

First production Tesla Roadster rolls of the assembly line today

While Wall Street is losing its mind today over the Bear-Stearns fiasco, some good news was to be had. The first production Tesla Roadster rolled off the assembly line today. It is my feeling that this is the birth of the true American electric car (although it's made in the UK, future models will be made here). While it's got a price tag of a cool 100Gs, it performs as well as cars costing twice that much and more.

Before you dismiss this as just one of those concept type cars that we'll never see or that it's some rich guy's hobby, realize that there are two more designs behind this one. Each of them designed to both lower the price by half and increase the target audience by building a luxury sedan followed by a min suv.

Hopefully, this will do better than my last prediction that the segway was going to take over urban commuting and change the way we build cities. (doh!)

Friday, March 07, 2008

We roll black d20s tonight

Gary Gygax dies at 69. Wow, that really hits home pretty hard. I can still remember being home from school sick and my Dad giving me a copy of the "Monster Manual" for no particular reason. It's one of my best memories.

I mean, just look at those critters just below the surface on the cover! It still makes me want to pull out my +10 hammer of justice and start "judging" them as evil with a swift clonk on the noggin.

Oh, and if you wind up taking over up there, could you do something about those Scientologist freaks? They're ruining Hollywood.