Thursday, February 21, 2008

Yay! McEwan's is back

Ok, I'm part of a dieing breed, but I was really disappointed when McEwan's Scotch Ale stopped being sold in liquor stores throughout Maryland. In fact, it was getting difficult to find ANY Scottish brew in the state. I'm glad to see it's back after about 6 months.

Here's to your good health!
Slainte Mhath!


  1. no, dude, you were looking in the wrong stores is all.

    i found a bunch of it at autozone, right beside the pennzoil.

    reallydoh ("for real though", in hood-ese): when's twisted kilt come out? i didn't see a "season" on the page for it on the website.

  2. Very funny. Twisted Kilt is usually in the fall sometime, but I don't know if it's always the same month.

    Some Bad news for ya. They had to discontinue Venom because of the unavailability of the right hops. It's small consolation, but they are introducing a new India Pale Ale that is 6.2% alcohol to fill the hole.

    Oh yeah, and they are raising prices, too. At least the new location in Fells Point is really nice.

  3. What you really need across the pond is a little tipple brewed in Edinburgh called Innis & Gunn (

    The only McEwan's I've ever liked is there 60/- (shilling). McEwans Export and Lager are nothing short of gut rot. Wouldn't mind if they actually tasted nice, but the fact they are boggin as well as gut rot means they are only useful for cleaning drains :)

  4. @Andy,
    Is that English? I had to look up both tipple and boggin ;)

    I checked out the Innis & Gunn you mentioned. Unfortunately, it's not widely available in the US outside of New York yet. Hopefully it will get more popular. The oak barrel aging sounds very interesting.

    Until then, though, I'll stick with my boggin rot gut. I like the way the flavor changes so dramatically with the temperature.

    Of course, the last time I was in the UK, all the rage was for a £3.60 bottle of Bud Ice. And I thought the US had a drug problem.