Tuesday, January 08, 2008

NO JOE, Say itsn't so.

Man, that just ruined my day. Joe Gibbs retires. I doubt anyone will be missed more in DC.

Thomas Boswell - For the Redskins, the Unthinkable Has Happened - washingtonpost.com


  1. Well, after the season he had, it's no wonder. He'll go back to the relaxing days of Nascar ;-)

  2. Well, I can't argue with you there, but it's still a shame to see him go without another ring. I think DC would have been happy to have him as long as he wanted to stay. You can see how much trouble we had replacing him the first time. Overall, I think he wound up with a pretty good season considering he probably had the lowest point in his career with the icing penalty and had to keep himself and the team together after Sean Taylor's murder. The skins pulled out 4 straight wins after that to snag a wildcard spot. I'm sorry to see him go so soon.