Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Great idea for the security bound.

I know of an organization that has strict security requirements for its network and employees that has implemented a nice tool.

As we all know, if we work for a company and use their equipment, we are generally not allowed to have any expectation of privacy. IM is blocked, websites are blocked, email is blocked, cell phones disrupted, etc.

For many of us that are technically and socially accustomed to being able to contact who we want, when we want, this arrangement can really chafe. So much so that I've know good talent to look for jobs where an open information policy is a major consideration when deciding where to work.

One forward thinking organization that I know of has realized this and tried to provide at least a partial solution. While they can't open up their network because of the sensitive nature of the work they do, they put together a small network that is off their grid in a common area. They have a number of cycled out computers in their cafeteria that are not connected to the organization's network that anybody can use. They also have a wireless hotspot there (which is great for my iPhone) that the company does not monitor.

Employees can check their external email, surf the web and generally use their lunch period as their own without management snooping through the logs afterwords. Generic logins are used by everybody and are publicly posted which helps to make the idea of monitoring those machines less attractive.

What a good idea. Kudos.

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