Thursday, July 12, 2007

VSS Plugin update for Eclipse 3.3

If you've been using the VSS Plugin for cfeclipse and you're looking to upgrade to eclipse 3.3, you'll find that some of the functions don't work correctly. In particular, for me, I lost the ability to inspect the file histories in vss.
VSS Plugin Patch

Kudos to Jeff Barcalow for patching the jar file and Peter Szanto for packaging up the distribution and publishing it.

Use at your own risk, though.


  1. I'm using the .jar linked on this page that Nicolas Albert was nice enough to patch and build and I have not found anything that is broken yet :-).

    Running Eclipse Europa on Vista + CFE + Aptana + XMLBuddy + the above plugin.

  2. just to make sure: this VSS-plugin is not working standalone and needs some M$ SourceSafe Client installation or at least a VSS-driver?
    Or does it work without any installation of VSS just with the plugin and Eclipse?

  3. I'm pretty sure that this plugin relies on the command line client for vss being installed. That explains why it won't work on a mac.

  4. And this command line client is not for free?

  5. it's not free. The version I used was tied up with M$ client access licenses. You had to have a copy of the VSS client already installed on your computer. The command lone client gets installed when you install the gui.