Thursday, April 19, 2007

cfcBlaster update

I don't know if anybody is using this or not, but I just updated the little cfcBlaster tool our on Google Code (

A couple of changes:
  1. There is a new branch in the svn repository to support mySql. Since my switch to the Mac, I've also become a big MySql fan. I expect to be doing a lot more with it in the near future. (OT: You know, a few years ago, if a startup web company was trying to raise capital and they were not using one of the big enterprise databases, nobody really took them seriously. I think if I where a vc now and a start-up was NOT looking at something like mySql, I'd have trouble taking them seriously. To me, that would be money just wasted that could have been spent on developing the product)
  2. I added a few new templates that jam out some simple html from your db that support basic list and CRUD functions. Handy for just getting something put together really quickly with all the warts.
  3. I added a new template to build a test file for your generated cfcs to work with cfUnit. It doesn't do much more than just get you started.

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