Friday, January 26, 2007

CFEclipse 1.3 released!

The new version of CFEclipse has just been released. I use this program every day now. The only time I revert back to dreamweaver for ColdFusion coding now is for doing visual interface work.

I think the real strength of the CFEclipse IDE has to be that it's built on Eclipse. The number and variety of plugins for the environment allow you to build your own best of breed development environment.

For me, of course, plugin #1 is CFEclipse. But there are several others I regularly use that allow me to work in this editor and rarely need to leave.

Some of the features I like are native to Eclipse, like support for xml and javascript code hinting. Others are built by professional outfits like Adobe (FlexBuilder being plugin #2 for me). And still others are built by the open source community, like the columns plugin that lets you do things like cut and paste a column in your text editor or line things up on a specific character.

The plugin for vss is top notch and works better and more reliably than anything I've ever seen in an IDE including Visual Studio. Sorry Adobe, but it's even better than the vss integration in either CFStudio or DW.

Back to the new version of CFEclipse. One of the more interesting features that made it into this version has to be integrated support for unit testing with both CFUnit and CFCUnit. I've only used the CFUnit side of things because of the ANT integration thats available, but it totally rocks! If you haven't looked into unit testing your OOCF, this should help encourage you to do so, especially if you work on projects that have lots of far reaching cfcs developed by different people.

If you've been putting off looking at CFEclipse, now is a good time to reconsider getting over that initial learning hump. Once I got comfortable with some of the differences in terminology (workbench, perspectives, etc.) I've never really looked back.


  1. Glad to hear that this has finally been released in all its glory.

    This is by far one of the best editing environments for ColdFusion development.

    CFEclipe simply rocks.

    Ethan Cane
    Web Developer

  2. The CFUnit integration was not included in the final 1.3 release according to Mark Drew's. I hope it makes it into the next release.

  3. Oops! Sorry for that. It doesn't look like it made it into the final release. Bummer.

    Part of that, I think has to do with the new work that's being done on cfunit. I've had a lot of trouble getting the mock object that's in the cutting edge version to work. Hopefully we'll get an update with that in it soon. Until then, you don't need the CFEclipse integration to use CFUnit. The ANT feature alone is worth looking into.