Monday, May 29, 2006

Some new blogs

I started a few new blogs to segregate some of my postings. Now that I'm doing more work with Flex (and have a lot more questions than answers), I put up FlexFactory. I plan on putting my posts about Flex and ColdFusion that interacts with Flex there since they may contradict some of the stuff I do with CF alone. There isn't much there yet, but I imagine that eventually, it will become the blog that I post on most, although I am still working on doing more with CF. I'm currently working on building out a library of collaboration patterns for cfcs, but I've got a lot of work to do with that yet. (I'm not sold on the idea completely myself yet).

I'm a huge movie fan, so just for fun, I put up Drive-in Movies. I do short little movie reviews there just as an experiment to see if I want to do more. I focus mainly on B-movies, but anything is fair game. There are a few other posters on that one, and I'd be happy to open it up to other people that want to try posting a review or two.

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