Tuesday, May 16, 2006

FB2 and VSS Plugin for Eclipse

I can't seem to get the fantastic VSS Plugin for Eclipse to install on the FlexBuilder stand-alone version. I haven't yet tried it on eclipse with FB installed as a plugin.

Let me know if you've been able to make this work.

SourceForge.net: VSS Plugin for Eclipse


  1. Hi dude,

    I managed installing the VSS plugin on Eclipse with the Flex Builder plugin. VSS plugin works fine however the FB plugin does not work as fine as a Flex Builder Stand-alone version. I mean I encountered a lot of problems : in particular autocompletion problems but also problems with the colors disapearing for no reason.
    So I have re-installed FB Stand-Alone version (by the way I upgraded to the 2.01 version) and I'm gonna try to install the VSS plugin on FB. (I don't think I'll get it work but it's worth trying !)

  2. Torbjørn Caspersen09 July, 2007 02:01

    I had the same problem, and it turned out that the same solution needed to get Ant to run also fixed the VSS plugin. On Flex Builder 2 standalone, you need to install 'Eclipse Java Development Tools', see http://www.peterelst.com/blog/2006/09/03/flex-builder-2-ant-support/ for a step-by-step guide. Installing this fixes the VSS plugin as well. Oh joy!