Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Google adds cool new feature to GMail and GTalk

Check out your GMail inbox and you may notice a new icon on the left.  It's a place to search you chat histories from GTalk.  If you've been irritated that you only have a few lines of viewable chat history in GTalk, you will probably find this feature to be a great new addition.

While Google has been recently tarnishing their "Don't be evil" reputation/mantra recently in the eyes of some because of their dealings with the Chinese government, they appear to be trying to bring back a little of that luster with this feature.

While it doesn't appear to be available in my account yet, there will eventually be able to go "off the record" with a particular contact.  When you do that, chat histories are not saved on either end for the conversation.  I guess the real question is if the data is being saved and used by Google if you are "off the record".

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