Tuesday, November 22, 2005

ColdFusion/Dreamweaver and MSSQL Gotcha

A while back, I mentioned that there was a problem with Dreamweaver in that if you have lots of stored procedures, the database panel made it next to impossible to find them. They were sorted by the internal object ID assigned to them by MSSQL when they were created. A pretty unpredictable number.

With the release of DW8, the panel now sorts them alphabetically. Nice.

Here is the new problem. Not only are the stored procedures sorted alphabetically, but so are all of the arguments. At first this might seem like a good thing, and I wish it would work out that this would work. Unfortunately, ColdFusion does not submit named arguments.

This means that the order of your cfprocparam tags has to match the order that the stored procedure expects them, which seems pretty silly since the cfprocparam tag requires the parameter's name.

Unfortunately, that means that the database panel can cause more trouble than it's worth. In my opinion, the best fix would be to revise how ColdFusion handles storedprocs so that named parameters are submitted. Barring that, a hot fix to DW8 that puts the parameters back in the order they appear in the process would be helpful.

While I like DW for it's design capabilities, I feel like I'm starting to drift closer to adopting cfeclipse as my primary editor, especially since it is the main editor for Flex2.

BTW, if you've been following the VSS integration issue I've had with DW8, you will be disappointed to hear that I was told to submit an "enhancement request" for the next version. I submitted a "bug report" for this, and I think this should really make it into an updater soon, especially when it is clearly design flaw. One that has been fixed in previous versions of DW, no less.

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