Thursday, October 06, 2005

CF needs to be FLEXible.

Damon Cooper's BLOG

Nice to see that the CF community will be included in all the fun. I'd really like to see CF become the technology of choice to provide data services for Flex. Especially if the AMF issues get worked out.


  1. Excuse my ignorance: what are "the AMF issues"?

  2. ...of course AMF "issues" will be worked out

  3. DanR, do you know something we don't?

    When I read the MM announcement, it almost sounded like AMF was going to be an enterprise feature. I'd sure hate to see that.

  4. I can't say for sure but can't think of a logical reason they would make AMF an enterprise feature when it has been used in basic Flash apps for years.

  5. As far as the AMF issues I was thinking about, there are two that come to mind and they might be two sides of the same coin.

    The first one is the issue dealing with upper and lower case variable names. CF's version of remoting changes everything to uppercase. This causes a little awkwardness when AS recognizes upper and lower case.

    The second is that as, far as I can tell, you pretty much have to hack the install of both Flex and CF to get Flex to interact with the version of remoting that is native to CF. It's a real pain. I can see it causing a lot of problems for developers just trying to get started that are coming from the cf/flash camp.

  6. Hey Mike,

    Check out this post on Damon Cooper's Blog. Then get him to elaborate. Is he someone who is in the "know" with CF?



  7. Hey Mark,

    Yeah, that's the post that I'm linking to here. I couldn't find a way to post or add a trackback on Damon's blog, but I'm sure he'll give us the scoop when he is able.

    I'm not sure if you question about Damon's connection to cf was asked tongue in cheek, but the last I heard, Damon was in charge of the technical development aspects of the ColdFusion product at Macromedia.

  8. Duh, not tounge in cheek, just green and ignorant.

    You know with the flex server 2.0 aiming at enterprise, and flash forms in coldfusion, it has seemed to me that the way to increase the use of Coldfusion (and possibly the only way to put anything worth upgrading for into coldfusion 8.0) will be to put more of flex in there.

    It would be really cool to have Coldfusion get the spotlight and become the easy, simple way to interact with Flex Framework/Builder.