Tuesday, September 20, 2005

For Yahoo, Mistrust Is Popping Up

Commentary: For Yahoo, Mistrust Is Popping Up

Yahoo can't help but give us reasons to not like them. I currently don't install any of their software, use their search or any of their other services. Admittedly, some of their offerings are pretty good. Their calendar product is pretty useful, although it offers nothing that MS doesn't with their hotmail calendar.

When will companies learn that no body likes to be made to look like a fool. This is exactly the message they send when they try to trick you into looking at their advertising or installing their software.

Take the Yahoo toolbar/Flash Player install issue that cropped up a few months ago. I think it was very important for the community to stand up and say that we don't want to see our trusted business partners succumb to the same type of thinking.

I think at this point, it is just better to steer clear of companies like AOL and Yahoo! The last thing you need is their reputation rubbing off on you. If it were my decision, I would have to kick Yahoo to the curb for being irrelevant and bordering on evil.


  1. >although it offers nothing that MS doesn't with their hotmail calendar

    Yeah, because we all know Microsoft never does anything evil.

  2. I never said MS wasn't evil. They were just the first company with a similar product that came to mind.

    I only barely use the ms calendar because it is one of a few that lets me move around a bit and still have the calendar available without synching. When/If Google comes out with a calendar product, I guarantee, I'll switch.

    You would be suprised how hard I tried to get Netscape calendar services available. But now, the server product is so old that the clients have trouble interfacing with it. It's a shame that standards based calendaring is still so far away.

  3. >When/If Google comes out with a calendar product, I guarantee, I'll switch.

    Gee, google's not evil either:


  4. You're free to distrust whoever you want. I've yet to hear a story of Google abusing the data they have collected. They are definitely challenging some privacy and intellectual property laws, there is no question about that. When they turn evil, I'll leave them as well (if possible) and I would think hard before promoting thier services.

    But this discussion was originally about hitching your company to one of these organizations. If you visit my company, you won't find us trying to foist any third party software on anybody or making any types of tying arrangements. We advocate the products we use and like and are willing to point that out.

    Even on this blog, there are no ads. I never really intended to turn this into a commercial venture. It's just a place for me to spout off about things I find, or have a discussion about better ways to code, or in some cases, just a place for me to jot a note for myself or the people I work with. If Google gave me a way to force non-profit ads through their adsense, I'd probably put them back on here, but otherwise, I'm not interested.

    For future reference, if you want to draw me into a bear-baiting/flame-war discussion like this, you have to state who you are. Anonymous Cowards (ala /.) eventually get the "plonk".