Friday, September 30, 2005

Dreamweave 8 irritants

Ok, we've had a few weeks to look at DW8 and by all accounts, it is a major step forward.

Some things I've noticed that I really, REALLY like:

  1. The coder's menu down the left side of the screen. Some excellent help there, especially the braces matching item.
  2. Stored procedures under the databases tab are now sorted alphabetically by name instead of by the id.
  3. The css stuff looks to be greatly refined, although I haven't really put it through its paces yet.
  4. The "this site only" filter for the components panel helps reduce screen clutter.
  5. The program launches faster in most cases.
  6. Code folding! Great job on that one.

Here are some things that I still find (or now find) irritating that didn't make it into the release:
  1. The tag library still does not have a "Not Formatted but Indented" option. This is really needed because of things like the cfscript tag. If you apply source formatting to a page that has cfscript in it and the formatting routine decides that the indenting is at the wrong level, it only moves the beginning cfscript tag. The ending tag and all of the contents remain unchanged. That means that you have to scan through your code and manually change the indenting for all of that content. This is the case for any of the tags that can have formatted content with ending tags (cfmail comes to mind).
  2. The checkout button on the toolbar at the top of the editor almost never works now if your site is using vss. It's almost always disabled. You should be able to check the file out from this button whenever you can check a file out from the file panel. Why are they different?
  3. Files that are still checked in can be edited. If a file is readonly, you should not be able to make a single edit to it. Allow us to copy and paste into a different document or check it out or do a "save as". I really hate it when I check out a file just to look at it and later decide to make a change. You can type away at will without any indication from DW that you will not be able to save it. You then have to do all sorts of copy/paste/checkout gymnastics to get your code saved.
  4. When vss is integrated into you site, the new background file processess happen in the foreground. I haven't found a way to change that.
  5. Switching between programs in windows to DW can take an eternity. I'm guessing that an update to the file panel for checked out status and refresh of the components panel are taking place, but it almost feels like the computer locks up.
  6. Still no horizontal position for the cursor in your code. This would be helpful in locating bugs in cf since the position is generally listed in the error message.
If you know of a work-around for any of these, please post it.

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