Wednesday, September 07, 2005

ColdFusion MX 6.1 Updater: Hot fix for cfdump throwing unknown type error for cfcatch structure

This one had me going for a while. I'm working on a project that has a Storage Area Network device that is used for certain file transmission tasks back and forth from a mainframe.

For tasks that fail, I like to send a cfdump of either the error or cfcatch structure in an email to the administrator to help with triage.

In a few cases, I keep getting this cryptic [Unknown Type] error message. In one instance, we were able to fix the issue by correcting some account rights on the directories that were trying to be utilized.

What I failed to realize is that the error is really with the use of the cfcatch structure in a cfdump tag. The hot fix takes care of the issue for cfmx 6.1 after applying the updater. The problem does not exist with cfmx7.

This points out one of the hazards of developing on a different version of cf than your staging and production environments. You'd have to try really hard to pry cfmx7 out of my hands now, though. Just too many goodies. Sounds like a sales pitch might be in order.

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