Monday, August 22, 2005

Google Desktop 2 is just lame

You can pick up the new release of Google Desktop at the link above. Personally, I think it's just more of the same. So many of the Google technologies just seem to be so much about nothing. Where are the amazing productivity gains? Where are the new business categories created by the existance of their technology. AJAX is certainly interesting, but I'd hardly call it a disruptive technology. Macromedia has been all over the RIA space for years and Microsoft is hot on their heels.

The latest desktop search reminds me of the Netscape Desktop. A thinly veiled attempt to try to grab a little more eyeball time from the user and to bury a little more of Microsoft beneath the application shell. Good luck.

The fact that all of this indexing of my computer is going on behind the scenes, as well as my browsing habits being watched just gives me the jibblies. I know that Google's motto is "Don't be evil", it just seems like they are collecting so much information that if they ever did turn to the dark side, it would be bad news for the lot of us.

I remember how horrible it was to watch the Netscape browser get tortured and twisted into a hollow shell of it's former self with the sole purpose of its existance to deliver advertising to its users. It's still amazing to me that Mozilla and Firefox were able to survive that whole ordeal.

So, Google, how about a polished, supported desktop linux? or free broadband to everyone in the country. Now that would be interesting. What else are you gonna do with the additional $14billion you plan on raising?


  1. Interesting perspective. I've been playing with it and it certainly reminds me of the old desktop 'push' clients. Not much of the search aspect of the program has changed, and to me, the sidebar it almost information overload to be useful.

    Then again, I did add the Macromedia XML news aggregator to the Web Clips section to find this post :)

  2. Mike -

    If you are concerned about the indexing of files or web pages, you can certainly turn those features off. Personally, I find the file and email searching to be far better than anything MS has supplied so far.

  3. Seems like a decent indexer and pretty fast. I don't need the sidebar stuff. I've been using Lookout for indexing Outlook, but this certainly seems faster.

  4. John H., that last line was pretty funny.

    I was a little harsh in my post. I didn't mean to imply that the product was useless, just that it wasn't all that exciting. Goog has been trading around the $300 mark recently (although down from that a bit today) and has people setting $400 12month targets for it. To me, it just seems like the technology they are bringing out is not fantastic enough to justify flying so high, especially when it seems like we've seen most of it already before.

    They have the wind in their sales (pun, not grammer error) right now. I'd just like to see something truly groundbreaking out of them. It's starting to feel like all the little projects they keep releasing are being done in a calculated way to boost stock prices. For $300+/share, I think we should be able to hold their feet to the fire a little bit.