Monday, July 25, 2005

China needs Tom Cruise

China facing epidemic of suicide, depression |

Humor Warning: The following post, while referencing a tragic article, is made using a sarcastic and/or ironic voice. This post is intended solely for amusement purposes. If you are offended by humor/irony/sarcasm or have trouble distinguishing parody from fact, do not read the following post or the associated story. Click Here to avoid anything even remotely amusing.

Now here is a place where Tom can put his expert knowledge of depression, psychiatry and Scientology to work.

Maybe all that developer outsourcing for $2.60/hour isn't as great as the multi-national corporations would have us think.


  1. 685 suicides a day. Send Tom. Whatever they are doing about it now, he couldn't make it any worse.

  2. you are kidding right?

    if tom shows up, and pulls the same crap he does on TV now... he'll double the numbers...

  3. Yes, I was kidding. I'll have to go dig up my humor disclaimer from a few posts back and post it in the entry.