Tuesday, May 17, 2005

What happened to the classifieds?

Has anybody noticed that the Classifieds section of the ColdFusion forums is now missing? I think it was dropped when cfmx7 was released.

Too bad. I've used it for years when looking for work, partners or employees. True, the traffic had seemed to die off recently, but I took that as just part of the ebb and flow of forums in general. I've referred many companies to the forum when they are looking to hire some cf talent.

The Adobe forums don't have anything like the Classifieds either. Oh, and while I'm at it, Adobe: dress up that forum package a bit. Man, for a design oriented company, you sure have some ugly crap on your site. Why not roll a new Flex based app? Showcase your new product and provide a richer community experience at the same time.

Back on topic: Now that the Macromedia Classifieds are off-line, where do you go to find good cf people?

Macromedia Forums
Adobe Forums

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