Monday, May 02, 2005

New look for the blog

For some reason, I find messing around with the blogger code to be somewhat cathartic. If you hadn't noticed, I dig bright colors in odd combinations. They just seem so groovy.

I think the green titles lack a little contrast. Maybe I'll try a dhtml drop shadow next weekend.

I also lost the little weather pod. I just didn't fit with the design well. I think a new skin is in order.


  1. AustinPowersImitation("Groovy Baby, Yeah")

  2. Ha! The Spy Who Shagged Me is one of my top 10 all time favorite films. Maybe I'll add some hot pink and neon orange to the animation at the top of the screen on the anniversary of the movie's release date.

    There really should be an Interational Austin Powers Day. I can only imagine the effects of a world-wide mojo-overload.