Sunday, May 22, 2005

Man Steals Bush's Identity

Humor Warning: The following post and it's referenced story contain no factual information. The story is intended solely for amusement purposes. If you are offended by humor or have trouble distinguishing parody from fact, do not read the following post or the associated story. Click Here to avoid anything even remotely amusing.

The notorious identity thief H4xX0r1337 strikes again. This guy seems to be everywhere online. Now he has finally victimized the President of the United States.

It's really amazing how this guy was able to infiltrate the White House and hold a press conference while the President was on vaction.

Note: H4xX0r1337 is hacker speak for HAXXOR LEET or Hacker Elite. You can get a little practice reading the hacker language by going to Google, selecting preferences and changing the interface language to 'Hacker'. After you do this, you may want to switch back to English. Just remember that English in Hacker starts with the letter 3.

Arizona Man Steals Bush's Identity


  1. i guess this is supposed to be a joke pawned off as a real item as the source is The Onion.


  2. Anonymous,

    That's a stupid name. What were your parents thinking? I can imagine you were teased a lot as a kid. I can hear those other children saying things like "Hey, Anonymous. Why don't you go write a book or something but don't sign it" or maybe "Hey Anonymous why don't you go write an olde tyme folk song but don't claim any credit or make any money off of it". Kids can be so cruel.

    Anyway, back to your comment. Well, OF COURSE it's a joke. Did you seriously believe that some computer hacker was able to steal the President's identity and pass themselves off AS the President INSIDE the White House? I think somebody would have noticed.

    From now on, in order to protect the "Serious" and the "Naive", I'll make sure I put a big disclaimer on any posts that might contain humor.

    Thanks, Anonymous, for pointing out the danger in amusing information. It sounds like you barely avoided a nasty nap.