Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Google on a hot streak

I thought Goog @ 170.00 was a risky purchase, but now at $232.32 it seems like a bargain. That was only 2 months ago.

After looking at their annual report and seeing that they are getting set up to authorize double the number of shares they have outstanding now, I smell a split coming. I always love the post split bump on a stock. Just think of the demand that gets released when the price per share goes from $232 to $116 (2:1). It's only a psychological effect. There's no dilutive or concentration effect on existing shareholders. But, for some reason, it seems more palatable for many investors to buy twice as many shares at half the price.

Of course, I could just be full of crap. I know several people that will attest to that (bugger).

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