Monday, May 23, 2005

Another Dreamweaver feature requrest

One thing I'd like to see changed in DW is the order in which stored procedures are displayed in the databases panel. It looks like they are sorted on the object's ID in the sysobjects table. They may actually not be sorted because that is the column on the sysobjects table that has its clustered index. It might just be a straight query.

The ID that gets assiged to the object seems pretty arbitrary to me. I'm sure there is some underlying logic that determines how an id gets chosen, but it escapes me.

It would be nice if the stored procedures were sorted alphabetically by name like the tables are. It would also be nice if the system stored procedures could be hidden as well.

Strangely enough, if you delete the stored procedure and recreate it, SQL will put the new copy in the correct position. I have trouble getting this to work consistantly, though.

If you know of a Dreamweaver or SQL hack that would put these in order for me, I'd be eternally greatful (well, until it causes some other problem).

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