Sunday, April 24, 2005

VSS.Net disappoints

I just sat through the MSDN webcast about the upcoming release of VSS. The main feature that I was interested in was the ability to set up remote access over HTTP. What a letdown. The feature is only available inside Visual Studio 2005 with access to an install of IIS. The remote vss user has a severly limited set of capabilities. You're pretty much limited to check in and check out. You can't even look at a file's history.

SourceGear has been providing a solid remote experience as an add on for several years including a nearly complete set of features (diff, pinning, view history, etc.).

After the Adobe/Macromedia announcement, I've been doing some investigation into moving into a .Net environment or a java environment just to hedge my bets a little bit.

I have to say that after looking at some of the .Net readiness information and presentations that I'm not sold. Out of the whole Visual platform, the only one that looks really interesting is SQL server, mainly for the new security and encryption capabilities. I don't think I can stomach the constant product tying that seems to lurk around every corner of the MS developer stack.

Avalon looks interesting, especially the 3d stuff. Unfortunately, the demo I saw showed nothing in the way of real business productivity. Plus the windows only capabilty is severly limiting. I think it may be a day late and a dollar short when compared to flash/flex. I think Avalon is probably going to need to get to at least a 2.0 release before it can even hope to begin displacing the CURRENT flash and flex installs. I'm sure there is more in store for us for both flash and flex.

As for alternate source control packages, I'm going to look at both subversion and the one from Seapine.

Java is starting to look like a much more palatable technology than .Net. You just don't have the feeling that the maker of the products is laughing at you for buying into their technology.

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