Thursday, April 28, 2005

CF driven weapon of mass disgust-tion.

Exploding toads puzzle German scientists - Science -

Bwwwaaaahaahhah! They said it couldn't be done. They said it would never work. Now, straight from the same country that explored the benefits of the Giant Buttered Cat Array , proof that event gateways can interact with other stuff!

The Code:
toad.explode("Hamburg pond");
Looks like all those German ColdFusion developers dropping their half-finished Mountain Dew Code Red bottles in the drink has had a disasterous effect. Why do I think it was the soft drink? Toads can't burp, of course.

I guess you could say they "croaked" (c'mon, you know somebody would have to say it. I'm just getting it out of the way so a more serious discussion can take place.)

NOTE: ColdFusion is not actually being implicated in the story. It was just my sorry attempt at making a joke.

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