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What D&D Character Are You?

What D&D Character Are You?

Admit it. If you're reading this blog, you're a nerd. You probably have closet full of Dungeons & Dragons books and other assorted paraphanalia that you're just dieing to get back into. Too bad, the "work thing" and the "family thing" take up so much of your time.

In the interest of helping you keep your job and save your marriage, follow the link for a quick fix. It'll help, I promise.


I Am A: Lawful Good Dwarf Fighter Paladin

Lawful Good characters are the epitome of all that is just and good. They believe in order and governments that work for the benefit of all, and generally do not mind doing direct work to further their beliefs.

Dwarves are short and stout, and easily recognizable by their well-cared-for beards. They are hard workers, and adept at stonework and engineering. They tend to live apart from other races; generally in deep, underground excavated systems, and as such tend to be distant from other races.

Primary Class:
Fighters are the warriors. They use weapons to accomplish their goals. This isn't to say that they aren't intelligent, but that they do, in fact, believe that violence is frequently the answer.

Secondary Class:
Paladins are the Holy Warriors. They have been chosen by a God/dess to be their representative on Earth, and must follow the code of that deity, or risk severe penalties. They tend towards being righteous, but not generally to excess.

Moradin is the Lawful Good dwarven god of stone, rock, fire, and metal. He is also known as the Creator God, because he is the creator of the dwarven race. Followers of Moradin believe that a person's worth is determined by the things they do. They also are trained to work in the forge, creating weapons in the name and spirit of Moradin. They can use any weapon, but it must be one that they have created themselves. Moradin's symbol is a hammer and an anvil.

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  1. Neutral Good Elf Ranger Fighter
    Fun quiz. Thanks!

  2. Lawful Neutral Elf Mage FighterHehe, neat quiz! Thanks for the link.